Fashion Forward Gray

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Heading to NY tomorrow for work and play.  As you know it's fashion week and wouldn't you know that one of the fall runway trends is... gray!  My fav. Below you'll see fashion designer Monique Lhuillier's Beverly Hills living room, decorated in shades of subtle, silvery gray. I approve. Lots of pieces from Ironies and Oly as well - both favorite go tos.


Here are several more favorite gray interiors to enjoy and inspire... 

New Photos

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We were able to get photos of a wonderful client's completed home in Mount Vernon New York at long last.  It's been ages but what prompted the photos?  Sadly it was to sell the house.  After all that work!  The interiors were traditionally grounded with the aim of being family friendly with some graphic punch.  The couple and their two young children are utterly lovely and on to a fixer upper in Connecticut.  So curious about what the new home will bring!  

Design a Chair

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Eek!  Design an iconic moveable outdoor seating element for mass-fabrication and use in the Battery?!  This would seem to be the perfect competition for me -- my interior architecture thesis project was in the lovely Battery Park at Pier A and, wow, I love chairs -- sitting in them, looking at them, thinking about them and designing them.  But geez - October 30th -- not sure if I can pull it off!  But I hope some one out there will knock their socks off with a brilliant design -- it's such a wonderful project and halleluja that the Battery Conservancy has funding for it!

A rendering of the restaurant component of my proposed Pier A redevelopment

A rendering of the restaurant component of my proposed Pier A redevelopment