Cheery Stripes

by Breeze Giannasio in

I have rainbows on the brain.  My niece Napela's one year luau will be rainbow themed and I'm getting excited!  Here's a non literal permutation through cheery, bold stripes.

Color! Holi Style

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How amazing are the above Galliano images from his 2003 show inspired (in part) by Holi Fest?!   The incredible explosion of color that Holi is known for is definitely on my brain these days as the leaves change color and I find myself longing for strong punches of color before winter rolls in.  So -- first things first.  For those not in the know, you can find more basic background info on the exceptional celebration here and here.  Enjoy the images below -- many of which are from Lin Morris's wonderful work.  Looking forward to March but in the mean time, this color jamboree will be in my dreams...