Smooth Blues

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Yup.  Still feeling the smooth blues...   But what's new?

Monday Blues

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Got the Monday Blues?  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  Welcome back from the Independence Day holiday, all! 

Red White and Bleu

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In honor of the upcoming 4th of July holiday, here's a little tribute to variations on red, white and blue.  It's surprising a classic combo but particularly refined when you desaturate one of the colors -- a primary blue becomes a muted blue-gray, for example, allowing the red to pop!  Enjoy and happy Fourth! 

Color Preview: Cobalt Blue

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Random fact - blue is an appetite suppressant in large part because few edible foods are naturally colored blue. But that's neither here nor there. Blue's my favorite. I always think of Picasso's blue period, of deep oceans, languorous idylls and (beautiful) melancholy. What are your associations?

Pretty in Pink (and Blue)

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