A Special Week

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Have you heard?  This week is National Architecture Week!  What is it?  It's a time to showcase the talented architects who’ve made positive contributions to our communities and society in general.  How can you take part?  Here are a few ideas:

  1. You can follow the AIA (The American Institute of Architects on Pinterest;
  2. Enter the Architecture is Awesome contest for a $50 gift card at Amazon;
  3. Find an event near you;
  4. Give an architect you know a hug!

Nick Cave does Grand Central

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Oh, I wish I were in NY this week! Nick Cave's soundsuit horses take over Grand Central twice a day until the 31st. Please take photos and send them to me! What surreal beauty, no?  Let the grazing begin.

Nick Cave Heard NY Travis Magee 5.jpg

Art Basel

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art basel miami.jpg

I'm so sad not to be heading to Miami for Art Basel this year!  I was on the cusp of buying a ticket impulsively but with my big trip to Hawaii coming up, I just had to resort to being sensible for a moment.  For those lucky enough to be there already or heading down soon for THE art festival of the Americas, here are a few great guides (for the newbies): 

Miami New Times | Forbes | W Magazine | Art Info | PinkLine Project

And a few of my snapshots from Art Basel's past...


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I'm a little obsessed with Detroit and the Ruins of Detroit by Yves Marchland only exacerbates my tendencies.  You find that same surreal decrepit beauty that you see in Venice and Cuba, but in a totally different scale (and age).  Ask me sometime about my crazy scheme to bring the World Fair back to the US (set in Detroit), with a green technology theme -- the idea is that the expo would rebuild the existing (beautiful!) infrastructure and leave behind active, green business in its wake.  A few tax incentives for businesses and voila!  Easier said than done, I know, but to revitalize Detroit through technology and innovation would really represent to the world the future of American power and ingenuity.  And now I'll get off my platform. :)  For now, just enjoy the pics!

Binders of Women: Iris Apfel

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American businesswoman.  Interior designer.  Nonagenarian.  Style icon.  Consumate free spirit.

Many shots from the new article in Dazed, featuring Iris in Comme de Garcon.