Soho Beach House

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I have an unexpected business trip down to Miami this Wednesday and have the pleassure of staying at the Soho Beach House.  It's a fantastic concept - Soho  House was founded in London as a private members’ club for those in film, media and creative industries. Happily they've expanded to Miami, among other places.  Haven't been since a few Art Basel's ago and eager to be back.   As nice as being there may be, I'm much more excited for the business opportunity of course.  More to come in due time!

Fashion Forward Gray

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Heading to NY tomorrow for work and play.  As you know it's fashion week and wouldn't you know that one of the fall runway trends is... gray!  My fav. Below you'll see fashion designer Monique Lhuillier's Beverly Hills living room, decorated in shades of subtle, silvery gray. I approve. Lots of pieces from Ironies and Oly as well - both favorite go tos.


Here are several more favorite gray interiors to enjoy and inspire... 

Maine-ly, yes

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Can you guess where I'll be tomorrow?  Very excited indeed and optimistically bringing with me a small library of books, my Leica and a sketch book. 


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With the recent little excursion to Boneyard Studios and my upcoming trip up to Maine for Labor Day, I have these mini-havens on my brain.  I don't see the poetically ascetic life working for me on an everyday basis, but as a means of escape?  Always.  Let there be water and a mossy forest nearby.   Here are a few woodsy wonders that have caught my eye that might just fit the bill.  Oh, and notice E.B. White writing in his own personal haven, his boathouse up in Maine.  Splendiferous.  

Cabana Bliss

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I had the pleasure of some poolside lounging time when out in L.A. last week.  If the jalapeno infused margarita didn't make the experience tops enough, the cabana sealed the deal.  Cabanas are a must to elevate the pool experience, especially for those like me who are shade worshippers.  


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Just got back from a west coast idyll which involved Portland as one of my stops.  I was seriously charmed by the city and have been dreaming about it ever since.  Between the bounty of effortless and unpretentious restaurants, coffee shops and bars to the layered riches offered by the many vintage shops, I was in heaven.  Thank you to the wonderful von Geldern women for serving as my design-savvy guides. 


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More beauty and whimsy and Ruschmeyer's in Montauk.