Get to know Your Neighbors


I'm having my Mr. Rodgers moment.  I live and work in Georgetown so I think it's high time to have a recurring feature - who are the people of your neighborhood?  There are so many wonderful design resources in this vintage village!  Where to start?  Matt Camron Rugs and Tapestries!  

Hidden along the side streets of Georgetown's famous M street, known for its mix of high and low end shopping, are smaller art galleries and interior design spaces. And now there's a new kid on the block, Matt Camron Rugs and Tapestries, and it's a welcome addition to the burgeoning fashion and design scene here.

Matt Camron Rugs & Tapestries showroom in the heart of Georgetown is opening its doors to invite customers to view its beautiful and mixed patterns and textiles. A sprawling sunlit room with dark wood floors and textiles—literally from floor to ceiling—welcome you to enjoy an intimate viewing experience. And if you have an affinity for traveling, be careful. A visit may spark your wanderlust as many of the rugs look as though they were plucked from the outdoor markets in Morocco, Honduras, Greece and other exotic locals. 

Name/Title: Elizabeth Esfahani and Dara Mersky/Owners 

Open date: October 2012

matt camron rugs.jpg

Inspiration for opening: As avid travelers, we sought to create a store that
offered a unique mix of new and vintage textiles that reflected D.C.’s global,
sophisticated clientele. Dara and I met while studying international relations at
Johns Hopkins, so we also wanted our designs to have a positive social impact
in the local communities we work in. Right now, we are realizing this vision
in Afghanistan by working with female weavers to create a new line of rugs.
The project not only helps the livelihoods of these women and their families,
it encourages economic growth in a country whose textile industry has been
decimated by ongoing conflict.

Merchandise source: Our bespoke designs are made in Nepal, Morocco, Turkey, and Egypt. Our line from Afghanistan is set to launch this year, so stay tuned! Importantly, all of our designs are customizable. We can dye to match any fabric or paint chip, and no size is too big or small – we have made custom rugs as big as 24 x 36 feet.

Best selling item: Our beautiful, versatile Granada flat weave design. You can
customize the color and put it just about anywhere, from a bedroom to a kitchen.

Your favorite item: Any of our new pieces we are making in Afghanistan. We
work with such talented, brave women there, and we cannot wait to share their

Favorite store (other than your own): Marston Luce, a beautiful antiques store in Georgetown that fortunately is located right below us. The store not only offers a well-curated selection of French and Swedish antiques, it is a constant source of inspiration for us.

matt camron rugs georgetown.jpg
matt camron.jpg