Nendo's Mimicry Chairs

A. MA. ZING.  I would have so loved to have seen this in London.  Nendo's Mimicry Chairs at the V&A.  Featuring this now for three reasons: 1) It's awesome, poetic and provocative, 2) the festival ends TODAY (tear), and 3) it's the perfect follow-up and inspiration in light of the Battery chair competition I shared yesterday.  So here are the goods: 


Nendo’s project is titled Mimicry Chairs and comprises a series of elegant chair installations appearing in varying locations throughout the ever amazing V&A Museum for the London Design Festival 2012. I just LOVE the contrast of the ethereal, evolving, ghost-like chairs and the often ornate museum.  They look so at home, marching through the classical space.  I love when I have the opportunity to explore these stunning juxtapositions in my interiors work.  I hope I have more of them in the future!  Back to the chairs though -- their  simple archetype is made from pressed and punched metal which has been finished in white to give it that clean, transcendent look.  Gorge!

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