The Swedes

I had such a lovely day at the House of Sweden yesterday for their annual Christmas bazaar and Santa Lucia procession.  First of all, what didn't I eat?  I had a bonafide smörgåsbord that included those delicious open face sandwiches (shrimp, meatballs, laks, you name it), various meats and cheeses, scrumptious cakes, marizpan and kakar (cookies) and yes, even swedish pancakes with lingonberry sauce and fresh whipped cream.  Yum yum.  But in addition to all the tasty treats there were wonderful imported and handcrafted goods.  I came home with my arms full of things like hand carved dala horses, straw ornaments and a brass Santa Lucia crown with old timey hand dipped candles.  My only regret is not buying a little troll and Swedish costume for my little niece Napela.  God jul!  Enjoy a bit of Swedish holiday style.