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Have a room that you just can’t quite get together?  Somehow something is off about it or doesn’t quite feel/look right?  Are you a person who knows what you like and don’t like but are not sure how to create the change you may envision or where to begin?  Ever want to pick a Designer’s brain and get expert help?  Then our Online Interior Design Consultation service might be the answer.

Online Interior Design Consultation Services are useful for people who are DIYs (Do it yourselfers) working with a budget of any amount, needing help with a smaller project such as a foyer or one room.

Our Online interior Design Consultation Service is an up to one hour phone consultation that will provide answers to your questions and give guidance with:

  • Space planning and/or placement of furnishings
  • Balancing and/or creating a color scheme
  • Understanding how to use scale & volume (size of space and ceiling heights) to your advantage
  • Creating a focal point
  • Creating more effective light sources
  • Transitioning a space to a different function, e.g. guest bedroom to home office
  • How to edit and de-clutter
  • Pulling a room together

To get started we need 2-4 digital photo images of the space you want to change along with your contact information (e-mail & phone number) to schedule the phone consultation and payment of $150.00.

Once the consultation has been completed you will receive a written follow up summary to help create a solid design direction that you can implement within your own time frame and as your budget allows.

Deep breath - this will be fun!

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