Studio App

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I've been just loving experimenting with the new Studio app to do quick graphics on my iphone - find it HERE.   Graphics on the go!  It's so phenom when technology actually does make your life easier and work more portable.  Thanks for introducing it to me The House That Lars Built!  Here are a few of my recent experiments below.

Ginger Jars

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I'm the first to admit it - what can I say?  I have a thing for antique ginger jars. 

Sigh... I've always been a collector. It started with Star Wars figurines, thimbles, smurfs and other exquisite nonsense then evolved from there. My latest fix is actually not my only, but it is one of my favs.  Antique ginger jars--what's the history?  Well, they're steeped in centuries of Chinese culture and history. Different colors, sizes and styles denoted separate occasions and uses, including the evolution of the popular "fishtail" jars we often see and use today. Some jars were used for basic provisions such as salt, oil, and yes, ginger - while others were designated as gifts for the Emperor (a yellow 'pearl' jar was appropriate for this use) and were even suitable as urns.  

The use of the Chinese character for "double happiness", which appears on many blue and white ginger jars, suggests that they were often given on special occasions (such as weddings) and were intended to last a lifetime.

Most of my collection is in storage, but I can't wait to add two wonderful new finds from Georgetown Emporium to the growing family!  I have dozens at this point...

Three Pointed Applause

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I must be stuck on triangles this week, but there's just so much to love about this interior! I always celebrate dynamic juxtapositions of styles, so I definitely love that. The success on that front even obviates the visual offense of the horrible upholstery. What else to love? - the color! the amazing paneling! the crazy triangle bookshelf!  Love want need



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Memorial Day is coming and that means time for a Maine idyll?   Get ready for lobster season.


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Wackadoodle wallpaper -- such fun, especially in small spaces like powder rooms. Take the plunge!

Monday Monday

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Can you guess what Monday's motto is?