Not every home needs to be remodeled to express how you live, your style, create greater comfort or even to function better. So much in an interior environment can be affected by simply changing or balancing the color, installing good lighting and the appropriate placement of quality furnishings along with window treatments.

To begin the process

To ensure that we understand your needs and to be able to provide you with the most satisfying results we need a lot of information from you.  We need you to provide us with verbal descriptions of your likes, dislikes and many images that express your dreams, wishes and ideals for your home.  These can be in the form of magazine pictures, web-site links, personal photographs, art books, sketches etc.

Many people do not consider installing lighting in their homes but we invite you to think about this.  No matter how beautiful the color scheme, the fabrics gracing the windows or covering the furniture you won’t actually see the effect without proper lighting.  Light is what expresses color and after investing in your new décor it will fall short of expectation if the room(s) are not well lit.

What we do

We begin creating a décor plan by measuring the specified rooms of your home and from the information gathered we create a floor plan and elevation drawings.  We then proceed to develop 2-4 schematic furniture, window treatment and lighting plans.  We will discuss these drawings with you and make changes or modifications according to your feedback to then present the final design.  From there we finalize the master plan and begin the selections of color, furnishings, fabrics, lighting, art and accessories.

As we develop the plan we recommend several choices for all elements of the design but the final decision is always yours.  At this stage there will be a lot of decisions you will be required to make; do you like this fabric or another for the chairs or the drapes? Do you prefer the same welt on the pillow or a contrasting fabric? Which hardware, this knob or this pull on the dresser?   We will present fabrics, take you to showrooms to view and experience furnishings, as well as several color scheme options.  In order to do our job efficiently we need you to make decisions in a timely manner.  If you can’t schedule showroom visits, if you can’t decide or change your mind, don’t answer phone calls or e-mail this causes delay.  It will increase your cost for us to spend the time to have to re-draw, re-select and re-present new options.

BGDB Interior Design works with the best merchandise manufacturers and artisans.  The products we recommend are of the very best quality.  They are not “standard” or “off-the shelf” but custom made to your specification, thereby each piece created is unique to you and your taste.  For this reason it is important to have patience as it can take up to 12 weeks for a sofa to be completed, shipped and delivered.  The frame may be manufactured in Japan, the fabric made in Italy which is shipped to Japan for upholstery, then the completed piece is put in a container and shipped to the US.  In the end it is always worth the wait.  Product that is mass-manufactured is nothing like a custom designed, handcrafted piece of furniture that was made just for you.

Please do contact us, we welcome your questions and are very happy to help you understand our services and the design process.