Back to Black

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Fashion Forward Gray

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Heading to NY tomorrow for work and play.  As you know it's fashion week and wouldn't you know that one of the fall runway trends is... gray!  My fav. Below you'll see fashion designer Monique Lhuillier's Beverly Hills living room, decorated in shades of subtle, silvery gray. I approve. Lots of pieces from Ironies and Oly as well - both favorite go tos.


Here are several more favorite gray interiors to enjoy and inspire... 

Smooth Blues

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Yup.  Still feeling the smooth blues...   But what's new?

Monday Blues

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Got the Monday Blues?  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  Welcome back from the Independence Day holiday, all! 

Red White and Bleu

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In honor of the upcoming 4th of July holiday, here's a little tribute to variations on red, white and blue.  It's surprising a classic combo but particularly refined when you desaturate one of the colors -- a primary blue becomes a muted blue-gray, for example, allowing the red to pop!  Enjoy and happy Fourth! 

Color Preview: Cobalt Blue

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Random fact - blue is an appetite suppressant in large part because few edible foods are naturally colored blue. But that's neither here nor there. Blue's my favorite. I always think of Picasso's blue period, of deep oceans, languorous idylls and (beautiful) melancholy. What are your associations?

Pretty in Pink (and Blue)

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