Casaza Coffee With Breeze Giannasio

Casaza: How do you take your coffee?

Breeze: First thing in the morning, religiously. Two shots of espresso with whole milk in a Royal Copenhagen cup on a lovely inlay tray. In bed. With my dog, Jackie, at my feet.

Casaza: How did you get your start?

Breeze: I remember being design-obsessed as far back as my memory allows. I was one of those kids pushing furniture around the house from the moment I was strong enough and designing Ewok villages in the trees nonstop. When our palm trees were cleaned (I’m from Hawaii), I was the first out in the yard, claiming palm fronds for outdoor forts and other creations. In junior high, I even biked to Home Depot and designed, cut, and painted robin’s egg blue panels in a gilt frame to lend architectural detail to my childhood bedroom! Thankfully, my parents tolerated me treating our house like my personal canvas.Given these proclivities, law school was an unusual choice. After 10 years of practice post-Harvard Law, I came to my senses and went back to school in DC and Denmark for a Masters in Interior Architecture. I honed my skills at an architecture firm for a few years, mentored with hospitality icon Michael Bedner and then opened my own firm, and I loved every moment of the circuitous journey. Life is too short not to pursue your passion!

Casaza: Recent project that inspired you?

Breeze: I tend to focus on residential work, though I’m working on a proposal for a new hotel in Hawaii now that is near and dear to my heart. We’re coming up with a new vocabulary of modern Hawaiian chic – I find myself drawing on my Hawaiian upbringing, my global nomadic life and my background in modern architecture and hospitality design. It’s an extremely personal project that has taken a lifetime to be prepared to undertake!

Casaza: Pack your bag! You’re moving into a famous home. Whose is it?

Breeze: Oooo – I’d live at the Louisiana Museum outside of Copenhagen! It was built upon a charming historic villa with a juxtaposition of modern wings that seamlessly integrate nature. Breathtaking views of Sweden across the sound, sculpture gardens, and amazing Danish design make it hard to beat. All my favorite things in one place!

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