Nautical Novelties

As one of my lazy brain activities that I do while indulging in tv, I make what are called "monkey fist knots" and sell them on my rarely updated "Breeze from the West" etsy shop.  It's my zone out activity of choice when not crocheting or knitting.  In any case, I recently have been experimenting with size and have added heftier versions to the shop.  Check it out!  Sailors have historically used the monkey's fist to throw so-called heaving lines between ships and onto shore.  These days they seem to be most use as decorations - particularly by crafty brides partial to nautically themed weddings.

Well, enough about that.  Now, I just need to figure out something clever to do with the remnants of cotton rope -- I'm thinking gorgeous chunky necklaces.  Just need to find some precious time to do some experimenting!