Give Thanks

I love what Dorothy Draper was thankful for in 1941:

"In this Thanksgiving month...I can think of so many big and little things about which I am happy...

Just to name a few--I'm thankful for my crisp, petunia-red curtains.

I'm thankful for the sunshine streaming through the Venetian blinds and making a pattern on the white walls.

I'm thankful that dark-red roses were created, so that they may bloom all winter on the white chintz background of a slipcover.

I'm thankful for laughter--friends--English muffins--wind in the trees--stars--open fires--health--and, above all,

that I'm an American woman, free to come and go and work and love as I please."

Dorothy Draper, Director

Good Housekeeping Studio for Living

Dorothy Draper.jpg